A blank sheet of paper, ideas that slowly take place, flying thoughts, designs, images and colors hovering over our head. It is the blending of innovation, inspiration and history. Paper has been one of the most important materials for mankind that has helped humans throughout history in many ways.

Papperlook was was created by Michael, a young man born and raised in Bressanone, near Bolzano in Italy. Michael was capable of giving life to an original and exclusive product, rigorously made by hand and made in Italy.

Papperlook glasses are created and manufactured by pressing 14 layers of paper together, which gives the glasses lightness, solidity and originality. The layers are accurately hand refined and given a special waterproof protection to preserve the glasses in all cases.

Papperlook is innovation and uniqueness, with all the possible combinations that only paper can give you.

The concept, the mission and the logo: a simple triangle representing a stylized prism on a white background, the origin of all colors and shades. An essential imagine with symbolic connotations: the ray of light is life, creativity and raw material which will be crafted accurately by the hands of the best artisans.

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