What are Papperlook glasses made out of?

These glasses are made entirely of pressed paper. The only exception regards the nose piece which is made in wood. The glasses are created by pressing 14 layers of paper together, which not only permit solidity, but it also permit the glasses to by extremely light.

What happens if it rains! Can I wear them?

Of course. The glasses are specifically treated with a waterproof lacquer, which makes the frame entirely water resistant and perfect for everyday use.

Is it possible to adjust the frame in order to make it fit the features of my face?

Indeed. It is possible. You have to ask your optician to model the frame sidepieces by warming it up at a high temperature. This permits the adjustment of the glasses.

If I am nearsighted can I apply my own lenses as well?

Yes. The glasses are characterized by a specific chamfer that permits the interchangeability of the lenses. Just ask you optician.

Where are Papperlook glasse made?

Papperlook glasses are made in in Italy. Every frame is made accurately by artisans that spend one hour on each frame.

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